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Allan Cullen (aka BubbleO7) takes great pride in sharing the magical world of bubbles with you.

This show tantalizes the senses and seems almost impossible to be real.
This is not a magic show or a circus act but it is so magical you will want to be part of it again and again. If you’re lucky, you might be chosen to experience the bubbling experience up close and personal.
There is nothing quite like it! BubbleO7 uses his magical tools to create bubbles as small as a 5c coin or as big as a house.

He can even put people inside bubble... but make sure you are floating upright just in case the bubble pops!

“A soap bubble is the most beautiful thing, and the most exquisite in nature”.

- Mark Twain

Bubbles appeal to all ages, and whether you’re 1 or 101,

No one can resist their wonder and beauty. Sometimes the bubble splendour will last a few seconds or a few minutes, as it reflects light with all the colours of the rainbow.

All are mesmerized by the simple yet complex shape of the bubble and astounded by the special tricks Bubble 07 is capable of. Bubbles leave a lasting and unforgettable memory.

“How is it done?” you may ask. You will have to see for yourself and be part of the show; it will be an unforgettable moment in your life!!

“…he kept the entire audience captivated for the whole presentation.”

The Amazing Bubble Show!

Come with Bubble O7 and explore the wonderful world of bubbles. Where you’ll explore everything from Kangaroo bubbles, caterpillar bubbles to bubbles volcanoes. At the end of the show one of the audience members will be “captured” inside a gigantic bubble “force field”.

To book the Amazing Bubble Show simply use our online booking form.

Bubble O7 is an experienced children’s entertainer and soap bubble artist, we would love to help make your next event even more memorable with lots of amazement, bubbles, fun and laughter.

From preschools to intimate corporate settings, take a look at his range of shows or

call him for something customized to your needs.

0474 111 373

Welcome to the wonderful

world of bubbles!