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The perfect show to entertain the entire pre-school.

The amazing bubble show is the perfect incursion,

it is suited for the entire preschool, not just the older kids but the entire centre.

“His show was very entertaining. He kept she children’s attention for the whole show”

Mrs Clarion Discovery House

The Amazing Bubble Show!

The perfect solution for your incursions

Bubble O7’s Preschool show is ideal for Preschools, Child Care Centres and Kindergartens as they are specifically tailored for 2–5 year old children.
Using fun, a bit of magic, and lots of amazing soap bubbles, the show is paced so every child can be involved and it is a positive experience for everyone.

What does our clients think?

A picture tells a thousand words… (but we included some words just incase…)

“I would recommend Allan’s presentation to any child care centre, he was able to talk to the children at their level, and his show was not only fun but educational as well.”
Mrs Marion • Discovery House
“Allan’s presentation is very entertaining, I cant recomend it highly enough.”
Natalie Burgess

Allans ability to keep all our OSCH goers engaged for the entire presentation was simply remarkable.

A must see for any group of children (and grown ups) of different ages and backgrounds, his Bubble Show is simply amazing.

Alex B, Castlehill Fun House

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